The Perfect Audio System Can Be the Key Difference that turns a Live Event into a Lifelong Memory for fans.

Whether it’s their favorite musician in concert or sports on the professional or collegiate level, fans today expect a flawless experience that will create memories for a lifetime. In order to provide this experience for fans stadiums and arenas must not forget that the fans still enjoy the audio along with the visual experience. With the rise of 4K programming, HDR, and other innovations in video and audio technology that allow fans to enjoy their favorite musicians and sports events from the comfort of their own home, the right audio system for live events have never been more important.

For a long time, the average fan could not quite appreciate quality audio.  Now with the incredible advancements in LED display technology and production, there is a dramatic contrast between what is seen and what is heard.  Sports events and concerts have been spectacle events for fans. Stadiums and arenas, seeking to offer the best experience for spectators, are upgrading their audio systems. Having the perfect audio system can be a crucial aspect of making a live event perfect for fans.

Metinteractive engineered a state-of-the-art surround sound system called Soundscape in the Power Portal at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. The Power Portal provides fans with an unforgettable experience through 3D spatialization and has quickly become a popular spot for fans to take selfies and videos to share on social media.

The right consultant can help indicate the exact needs of your venues and the perfect audio equipment to ensure that spectators are receiving an amazing and impressive live experience. Metinteractive has the experience in communication, architecture, and technology to implement the ideal audio system and to satisfy any and all technological needs. Leveraging our experience in live production and sports we bring a different perspective to the venue audio solutions.  We have a trusted reputation in the industry for providing innovative services and solutions. We would be proud to provide fans with the perfect live experience to create lifelong memories.