Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic and our current arduous times, Metinteractive intends on utilizing technological solutions to continue providing critical innovations while safeguarding public health.


Metinteractive prides itself as the avant-garde of communication, architecture, and technological developments by providing innovative solutions, ideas, software, and hardware for our clientele. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a vast rippling effect across countries and industries and health preventives have been implemented to deter its spread further, specifically social distancing. In this adjusted environment, we must be prepared to offer innovative technological solutions to industries and companies struggling to adjust.

Metinteractive has a trusted reputation in the industry as a reliable source for its client’s technological needs. At this moment, though, our team of experts and their knowledge will be needed more than ever. Our technological solutions in many cases will serve as the foundation for many other industries to continue working and to keep the global economy functioning for millions around the world. Thus we must be ready to serve at the frontline to keep these vital industries and supply lines in service. In order to maintain these vital services we too must implement the health protocols of social distancing by working at home to protect employee health.

We have always functioned as a cooperative team of experts including technologists, designers, consultants, support personnel and many more and we must be sure to protect the health of our entire team. While implementing these social distancing protocols we will have to adapt to these circumstances in a similar manner as many other industries have. With the use of technology, our professional team of experts will be able to continue providing quality knowledge, assistance, and service for our client’s communication, architecture, and overall technological needs. By implementing this policy and through the use of software and remote technology we can continue forward with projects, timelines, and any client’s needs. By simultaneously maintaining our team’s health and continuing forward we will function not only at the cutting edge of our industry but also as part of the global effort in these trying times.

“Our strength in technology puts us at the front of corporations ready to assist in the relief efforts and provide expertise to support the current medical crisis—we are ready.” – CEO, Jeff Mele