In 2016, 2.7 million people did not vote because they were “too busy”. Metinteractive does not want our employees to feel they do not have the time available to vote. We are giving all of our employees a half-day so that they can get out and vote.

As CEO Jeff Mele states, “the greatest freedom we have as Americans is our ability to vote and have control over our democratic process. Politics aside, the conditions of the World in 2020 have made it difficult for many to get out and vote. We are giving people time off to make sure they have some extra flexibility to realize that freedom and for those who already voted, they can have some free time to soul search and make sure they made the right choice.”

Being involved in the democratic process is a privilege and a gift that many Americans take for granted. Metinteractive wants to make sure that our employees have the ability to participate in any way they can.

“We have employees located in seven states across the United States and sadly only one of the states has a law requiring employers to provide their employees time off to vote,” explains President, Rachel Mele. As citizens of this beautiful country, it is our right and duty to cast our ballots on election day. At Metinteractive, we want our team to have the time they need to vote and participate in all elections. They can use the time to campaign for voter registration, become a poll worker, work a phone bank for candidates they believe in, or any other ways they choose to get involved.”

We are so proud to house a team of employees who take their democratic responsibilities seriously. Here is what a few of our employees shared with us:

  • “I am voting tomorrow morning so that I can watch my daughter while my wife goes to vote in the afternoon. We are voting for our daughter’s future!”
  • “I voted via dropbox at our Town Hall several weeks ago (and confirmed via the state website that my ballot was received). The election is about the future we want for this country and this planet!”
  • “I early voted via mail-in ballot a couple weeks ago. Voting is important to me because it impacts the future.”
  • I applied (successfully) for an absentee ballot, but it never arrived at my apartment. I’m still registered in my hometown so I’ll be traveling there tomorrow to vote in person instead. Not ideal but voting is extremely important, now more than ever, so it is what it is.”
  • “I voted early in person. People say our votes don’t matter, but I want my voice to be heard.”
  • ‘We are voting tomorrow in person, we feel strongly about our votes being counted as this impacts our kids and grandchild.”
  • “As a naturalized US citizen, voting is the way I get to participate into our Democracy, and how I get to share my votes for the future. I voted early and stood in line next to other fellow citizens who showed up to exercise their right, just like I did.”
  • “I voted absentee and tracked it online to assure it was received and counted (it was!). I worked for years doing international press development and worked alongside people who risked their lives daily for the right to vote. It is a privilege. It is an honor. And, there will always be powers at play that want to take it away from us, or try to convince us that our voice doesn’t matter. Progress happens at the grassroots, at the local level. I think Election Day — or better, week! — should be a national holiday. It’s a great way to celebrate Independence Day. But, it takes vigilance to remain so.”


Although the Presidential election is what comes to mind first on Election day, when you go to the polls, you are also voting for more than the president. You are voting for local and state positions such as school boards, state legislature, and sheriffs. Change starts at the local level. If you are voting in person, remember to double-check your polling site, wear your mask, and social distance.
Metinteractive is thrilled to provide this time off to employees. Go vote!