Project Description

Arthur Ashe Stadium, the main stadium of the US Open for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) hired a contractor to design and build a retractable roof to enhance the spectator experience. With the roof came the need for a weatherproof audio and broadcast system that would be installed without interrupting the roof installation.

Why USTA Chose Metinteractive:

USTA needed an innovative and problem-solving firm to build and install the speaker system. To solve the problem of access, Mi used single-man hoists to install the 24 – 1,800 lb. speaker clusters nearly 160 feet in the air – out of reach of lifts, scaffolds, and cranes.


  • 23,771 seats
  • 201,000 square feet


  • Custom JBL Outdoor Weather Proof System
  • Lab Gruppen Amplifiers
  • Media Matrix Digital Signal Processors to match existing installations in other areas
  • Custom speaker hardware fabricated from 1/2″ aluminum plate


After performing rigorous quality inspections, the speakers were installed with no disruption to the roof installation. Metinteractive enhanced the spectator experience ensuring those in the furthest seats could feel as though they were on the sidelines. Thanks to a great audience encounter, the US Open’s revenue increased to $71M between 2014-2017.