Project Description

BRIC Arts Media House

Founded in 1979, BRIC presents contemporary art, performing arts and community media programs that reflect Brooklyn’s creativity and diversity. BRIC also provides resources to launch, nurture and showcase artists and media makers.

We were selected by BRIC Arts Media as the technical developer for their digital platform — a multi-discipline environment that encompasses their web presence, digital signage, and CDN.

We worked in concert with BRIC and IDEO on the digital platform to develop a unified system of marketing information, community engagement, and content delivery. As the digital signage developer of choice, we created a stunning interactive environment that gives BRIC a dynamic digital persona. We also developed the canvas on which digital artists can create content and animation.

Mi-Experience Design
Most recently, we bolstered BRIC’s wayfinding with additional outdoor digital signage that brings BRIC’s offerings to the street and engages local audiences to find out more by coming inside the venue.