Project Description

Cardinal Stadium: The University of Louisville, home to the nine-time Atlantic Coast Conference Champions, the Louisville Cardinals and host to concerts by Taylor Swift, U2 and Kenny Chesney, was looking to improve spectator experience by adding 6,000 seats and expanding their VIP section.

Why University of Louisville Chose Metinteractive: 

UofL was looking for a qualified contractor to deliver a fully operational Audio System including the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of the new Video Scoreboard. UofL needed a partner who could help them leverage technology to create a meaningful user experience while maintaining a sustainable operating environment. UofL chose Metinteractive, a company well versed in large-scale construction design development, experiential design, and systems integration.


  • 65,000 seats
  • 85,000 square feet


  • Meyer LEO based system with 1100 subs, MICA’s and SB3F long-throw elements
  • Mi Custom Fabricated Hardware


Metinteractive designed and build custom hardware and speaker mounts to be attached to the iconic “The Ville” scoreboard. The Leo Arrays do a fantastic job of marrying the main levels of seating with the upper deck and utilize the MICA arrays for near seating. The new end zone comes into focus through 11 Meyer SB3F long-throw elements, making seats 600+ feet away seem like they are right next door.